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25 mei 2023 om 22:10 long wait and not tasty
14 mrt 2023 om 20:01 bezorging duurde heel erg lang (1 uur voor twee drankjes en een taartje), drankjes waren lauw tegen de tijd dat ze aankwamen + tapioca was niet gaar gekookt. dure prijs voor wat ik ervoor terug kreeg.
29 jan 2023 om 19:31 The best boba in town!
25 jan 2023 om 11:14 I wish they had popping boba and mango milk tea instead of just the yakult one. The chai is really good, the other one's I tried weren't that great but also definitely not bad!
22 okt 2022 om 16:58 1 out of 2 teas arrived. without straw (tapioca pearls & no straw?). When I complained I just got my money back, but there was no way to get my order completed. I would have to pay again 3€ for delivery.
4 okt 2022 om 15:36 Enjoyed a lot in drinking Taro milk tea and Matcha Red Bean!!!
24 sep 2022 om 20:27 Very nice watermelon cheese tea. The cup was even decorated and looked super cute :) The pastel de nata was still warm and the carrot cake was an absolute delight, albeit crumbly. Will def order again!
3 sep 2022 om 16:41 Delivery was quick and good, however there was a tiny spillage inside the bag and the drinks were a tiny bit too sweet
23 aug 2022 om 20:47 Great. Thanks
20 aug 2022 om 21:19 Altijd lekker
1 aug 2022 om 10:13 Didn’t respect my expectations and my note that I put under the drink.
19 jun 2022 om 17:11 Food like always is of good quality. But where the estimated time stood at 20-30 mins. This changed to at least 75 as soon as i payed for my order. Would probably not order again for delivery